How does it work?

FREE 1 hour Consultation

1 hour meeting to access clients requirements, view space that needs organising & clarify client’s needs.  

A full detailed quotation will be provided in writing after your free consultation to clarify requirements & confirm pricing for the work.​

Wardrobe styling and inventory (based on one single wardrobe) 

3 days – prices start from £350.00

  • Day 1 = remove all items from wardrobe and begin trying on. Assess what fits, what doesn’t, what you wear all the time & what you’ve not worn.  Arrange clothing.  Full styling advice and list of wanted items will also be part of this process. Client required for this part.

  • Day 2 = continue with trying on and go through all accessories, shoes, bags, belts, underwear (if required) and jewellery. Client required

  • Day 3 = Clean-up day - will have been placing wanted items back in the wardrobe over the last two days and fully reorganizing it on the way but this last day is to get everything back in place and organised so that you can continue to act on the advice given.  I will also install my unique ‘Wear it’ system to aid you in the decision making process of what, when and how to wear your items to get the best out of it for you and your body.

Once completed you will receive a shopping list of ‘wanted’ items and your personal style guide. If required, a full inventory list of all items can also be provided.

Home Organisation

I will provide labelled storage boxes where needed, fully organise the space and give you a list of items should this be required.  

Should you have a space that needs to be re-designed/decorated I can put you in touch in highly qualified space engineers and storage solution providers and work closely with them to manage your re-design project before finalising organisation with my bespoke labelling and boxing systems.


Additional Services

All priced upon request

  • Mending service – sewing on missing buttons and repairing dropped hems.

  • Selling Service – selling items that are in good saleable condition on behalf of the client.

  • Charity Shop Stop – Take the bags of unwanted items to the charity shops on your behalf