• Charlotte Crosley

A girl can never have enough!!

Shoes & Bags, Shoes & Bags, you can never have enough!

Having the right accessories to finish an outfit is just as important as having the right outfit, so getting the perfect shoes and bags for a finished look is a must in my world.

Shoes and bags are the most important accessories and will make or break the look.

Let’s start with the shoes, although having these match an outfit does come in and out of fashion, for me and my clients the shoe choice should start with comfort. I do get asked a lot about whether having these accessories ‘matchy matchy’ is in or out of fashion right now, I say it’s IN!

Depending on the occasion, a finished looked with matching shoes and bag gives a truly timeless and elegant look. My heels are still my most favourite for special occasions when walking, dancing and standing will be minimal. The days of a six-inch stiletto all night on the dance floor, are a thing of the past for me, so the heels you see here aren’t so high.

Floral dress on a mannequin with purple shoes & handbag
Heels & a matching shoulder purse

This is one of my most worn pair of shoes which I’ve matched up with the bag and taken the colours from the dress to finish the look.

Floral dress on a mannequin with flat red boots and a leather jacket
Flat boots & a rucksack

Taking the same dress but for a different occasion and ‘dressing it down’.

I’ve used my ox blood boots, faux leather jacket and black leather rucksack to complete this casual look.

Luckily for us we’re seeing a lot of flat shoes and boots trending, which makes the comfort element a lot easier!

As always ladies it’s about planning beforehand. You don’t want to regret your footwear choice halfway through your day.

Navy skater style dress on a mannequin with black knee high boots
Knee high boots with a matching belt

As a Work Wear look, I’ve teamed my navy-blue skater dress with my black knee-high boots and a matching black belt for a smart but comfortable all-day look.

Whatever your choice in bags or shoes, storing these accessories can be an issue.

My tips and tricks on keeping your accessories accessible are no different from your clothes, if you can’t see it you won’t wear it! If it doesn’t fit you won’t wear it!

Keep your shoes and bags in eye sight and think about what you might be doing ahead of time, so your confident and comfortable before heading out the door.