• Charlotte Crosley

A good winter coat

Trying to get my warm look together is so dependent on my outer layer. All three of my staple winter coats cost various prices, from charity shop bargains to High-street and designer. Essentially my top choices here are the usual, they are my style, they fit beautifully, I love the colours, but most of all for the winter, they are practical and warm!

I’ve brought a few winter coats over the years with various budgets in mind.

Black, smart, double breasted, mid length coat on a mannequin in front of a wardrobe
Smart Workwear Coat - The Ted Baker


The ‘smart’ workwear coat that’s been my go to for work since the early 2000’s is my black Ted Baker. I brought this before I had children so budget was no issue (I remember those days fondly). For £300 (which is actually a bargain when you think how much it’s been worn) this coat has had the lining torn and repaired and still looks absolutely amazing..

It’s a standard full length, black, double breasted woollen coat with an asymmetrical collar and was totally worth the money back in the day.

A Multicoloured wraparound coat on a mannequin in front of a wardrobe
The Budget Buy - Sainsbury’s Coat


On the lower end, when I was having the children and budget was tight, I managed to find a brilliant wrap around woollen, three-quarter length coat from Sainsbury’s.

From memory it cost about £35 and still keeps me warm on a cold winters school run after 10 years.

Black Single breasted fake fur coat on a mannequin in front of a wardrobe
The Charity Shop Find - Fake Fur Coat


Then there’s my glam evening winter warmer, which of course, is a fake fur. It was a charity shop buy and a Christmas present from my Mum...she knows me so well!

I’m still on the lookout for the right ‘casual’ winter coat, so any suggestions from you guys of a coat you love to wear in the winter, would be most welcome!

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