• Charlotte Crosley

Award winning business seeks my help

My latest project has been helping Rachel from Stagecoach in Epsom.

Sometime ago Rachel, the owner of Stagecoach in Epsom, contacted me to ask for my help in sorting her Costume Store. As you can imagine, what with running a performing arts and dance school, she hadn’t much time to sort through the piles of costumes that were now building up in her attic!!

Stagecoach Epsom have recently been awarded the Best Business in Epsom & Epsom Downs by the Epsom Business Awards, a fitting tribute to the work Rachel & her team have continued throughout the trials & tribulations of 2020.

Lots of bags of clothes on an attic floor
Rachel’s Attic - Before

I spent several days sorting through all the costumes & organising the attic into a workable Costume Store that would allow Rachel to easily identify what costumes she has and more importantly, efficiently locate them every time they’re needed!

Watch below to see the finished results.

Not content with organising the Costume Store, I then moved onto the garage and gave it the Charlotte Crosley organisational magic.

Inside a disorganised Garage filled with boxes, ladders and bikes
Rachel’s Garage - Before

After rolling up my sleeves and alot of hard work, the ‘Styling your Life’ makeover was complete and Rachel couldn’t have been happier!

“Charlotte reorganised the whole area and compiled an itinerary of all my costumes & props. She created so much extra space too!

Professional & friendly.

Worth every penny!” - Rachel

Labelled blue boxes in a wooden holder
Rachel’s Garage - After

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