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Christmas Wrapping – It doesn’t have to be hell!!

I like to wrap once I’ve got everything organised and all gifts purchased or made – that way I can make sure I have got everyones! Sorting presents into bags for each person makes for a much smoother operation, and you get to use your plethora of supermarket bags for life! Once organised, the wrapping begins (and I try to not leave it all until Christmas Eve!).

I like to wrap on my kitchen table, to save getting backache, but you can use a wrap mat or board on the floor. Get everything you will need for the task at hand:

  • Paper

  • Ribbon

  • Tape and glue

  • Recycled Christmas cards (to use as tags, which the kids cut up for me after last Christmas)

Santa/The Big FC wraps each child’s presents in a different wrapping paper so (as long as you remember which paper belongs to who!) no gift tags are required, thus saving time – hurrah!

If you have really small children, I would recommend small amounts of tape and don’t stress yourself making it super neat, as no doubt the paper will be ripped off in excitement – trust me, kids don’t notice if it’s a work of art or not!

A bit of ribbon makes the present look even more special and doesn’t have to be bowed, simply cut the correct length and glue at the back! Add a festive greeting on one of your recycled Christmas card tags and you’re good to go. Now just to ‘rinse and repeat’!

Merry Christmas!!!