• Charlotte Crosley

Clients - Wardrobe Styling

Gina asked me for help organising her wardrobe & dressing room.

Picture of a room with lots of boxes and clutter and a triple wardrobe
Dressing Room - Before

We started by taking all of Gina’s clothes out of her wardrobe and laying them on the bed. Before trying each item on, in turn.

With my styling advice, we sorted Gina’s wardrobe into wearable outfit choices and then organised her dressing room to make getting dressed everyday a pleasure.


“I turned to Charlotte for help and I am so grateful to her for so many reasons. Not only did Charlotte completely organise my wardrobe, she knew exactly how to coordinate all my clothes and created so many outfits, I never thought to put together” - Gina

Organised clothes hanging inside a wardrobe
One of Gina’s wardrobes after my help

All of Gina’s unwanted items were sorted and taken to the charity shop and a thorough tidy up of her bedroom and dressing room, completed the session.

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