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Love Suede - Revitalise your Suede for Autumn

If you’re anything like me, you can’t count the number of times you’ve used a gorgeous new suede bag or worn a pair of soft suede shoes, only to come home and find you (or someone else) have spilt something on it!!!

At a wedding this weekend, my beautiful new red suede Hobbs bag ended up getting wet and the stains left were very noticeable! However, I was determined to try and fix the damage!

I left the bag to air dry and then went to work on revitalising it – WOW - what a result!

It’s actually a very simple process. It does take some time but it’s totally worth it for the results. Here’s my easy-to-follow steps that I used to get my bag back to its original beautiful form.

You will need:

· Newspaper

· An eraser

· A clean soft shoe brush

· Clean soft cloth

· Water (to boil)

· Scotchgard for suede

My Method:

1. Stuff your bag (or shoes) with newspaper to keep the shape whilst cleaning.

2. Give it a thorough but gentle brush over with the soft shoe brush in small circular motions. This will help to lift the nap (fibres) of the suede.

3. On any dark spots or water lines, use the eraser to literally rub the marks off. Go over each mark gently and then use the brush to lift the nap again. Repeat if necessary. You will see the difference quickly!

4. Deep, darker stains can be removed with a little steam. Be careful as you don’t want the suede to get wet, just moist from the steam. Remember health and safety when using boiling water too!!

5. Then use the soft brush and eraser to go over the area again.

6. Once you’re satisfied with your cleaning, go over the whole bag or shoes with a light steam. Allow to air dry and then give it one more gentle brush, again in circular motions.

7. Finally, give your bag a light spritz with suede @Scotchgard and you’re ready to rock and roll!

You will be amazed with the results. Your bag or shoes will have a longer shelf life and look as good as new!! Happy cleaning!