• Charlotte Crosley

Staying in, is the new going out!

Want to feel like you’re out, when you’re actually in? I’ve got a couple of tips that worked wonders for me this weekend.

I just couldn’t do another weekend of the same old thing so decided to change things up a bit and get ready for a party!

Last Friday night I gave myself the same going out treatment I would have, if I was actually going out, all be it with a little more fluff than usual (my beauticians not seen me in some time!!).

I picked out the clothes, put on my makeup and styled my hair.

But that still didn’t quite hit the mark so when I thought about what was different, of course my friends came to mind first, but so did the music and the cocktails. An espresso martini in my case. 🍸

I had all the ingredients but no idea how to make a cocktail.

The 3 ingredients for an espresso martini, a cocktail shaker and a champagne saucer
Espresso Martini ingredients.

So, a crash course in cocktail making entered into my phones search engine and off I went. Once that was mastered the music came next, so I whacked the volume up on the speakers and shook that cocktail shaker to the beat!

Charlotte, smiling and shacking a cocktails maker.  She is dressed in black jeans, tanned belt, a tanned lace body suit with a black velvet dinner jacket over the top.
Charlotte, shaking and making an Espresso Martini

There are three advantages to staying in when going out;

  1. You can wear your slippers

  2. No one can see you dancing

  3. The DJ plays all your favourite tunes!

Here’s my recipe for my Espresso Martini (my hubby made his own Old Fashioned and joined in with the kitchen disco).

You will need

  • One good size glass

  • Cocktail maker or something big enough for ice and liquid with a lid that can be sealed for shacking (a jam jar will do)

And the following ingredients; Makes 1

  • 50ml coffee liqueur (I used Kahlua)

  • 25ml freshly brewed espresso coffee (equivalent to one shot in my machine)

  • 25ml vodka

  • Handful of ice

  • 1-4 Coffee beans


  • Shake the liquids in a cocktail maker filled with the ice for about 1-2 minutes or until the caramel-coloured froth is all you can see

  • Pour contents through a strainer so the ice doesn’t get into the glass.

  • Place your coffee bean/s on top

Enjoy responsibly!

The espresso martini in a champagne saucer with three coffee beans sitting on top. The other glass is filled with an old fashioned made from whiskey and also contains ice cubes and orange peel.
Espresso Martini & Old Fashioned