• Charlotte Crosley

The wheels of life keep turning, even during a pandemic!

The Library Project

The wheels of life keep turning, even during a Pandemic and moving home is still allowed during lockdown.

I was contacted by a couple, who wanted someone they trusted, to help box up some of their many treasured books before their move date. Of course, I was only to pleased to have the opportunity to do what I do best and organise!

The library, which was in their summer house, a multi-functional room with six full book cases, was all ready for packing. Not only did I get the chance to leaf through some wonderful old literature, I was also asked to search online and value those items I thought might be of interest. Not that anything would be sold, as these books had been treasured by the family, with many of the books being over 100 years old!

Wooden bookshelves filled with books
The Library - Before

It was an absolute delight to work with this couple and they even had me back to help out with their workshop/garage, packing tools and paints and taking down the shelving units ready for the new workshop in their new home.

A half empty wooden bookcase with packing boxes stacked next to it
Library - Packing & Valuation in progress

Thank you to the wonderful family for the chance to help people again, it certainly lifted my spirts and although we all stayed distant, following all the guidelines, it’s been a relief to know that I can still do what I love the most, sorting, organising and helping other humans!

As usual, I’d started the packing before I got the camera out, but I did manage to get 30 plus boxes (over 1000 books) sorted, packed and ready for transport.

A stack of cardboard boxes, packed with books inside
The Library - All sorted & packed